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Current Situation in Medical Schools

How is your school is doing on teaching about LGBTI health issues and including diverse patient populations in case studies, problem-based learning and clinical examples?

Is it true at your medical school that:

  • the transgendered population is completely ignored?

  • lesbian and bisexual woman are mostly invisible?

  • intersex individuals are discussed from a purely pathological perspective using Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia and Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome as examples?

  • the gay and bisexual male populationis discussed only with respect to HIV/AIDS?

These sorts of messages are part of the hidden curriculum, the implicit messages that we all absorb and need to pay attention to.

If you do not think your school is doing a good job, then speak up. If you do not let your administration know that you feel these issues are important, then who will? It is equally important to tell your faculty and administrators when you notice something new and effective, especially if they have responded to suggestions made by students.