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Pap Smears, HPV and Cervical Cancer

Lesbians require regular pap smear screening at the current screening guidelines used for heterosexual women. This point bears repeating as lesbian and bisexual women receive less Pap screening than do heterosexual women[17], in part due to physicians omitting routine gynecological testing under the assumption that lesbian women don’t need screening[13]. All women require regular pap smear screening at intervals recommended by the current screening guidelines[13] [16] [18].

The risk factors for cervical cancer are multiple male partners or partners who have had multiple sex partners, 1st intercourse at an early age, unprotected sex, and infection with the human papilloma virus (HPV). Lesbian women are at risk for cervical cancer because many have had intercourse with men and because HPV can still be transmitted from woman to woman[5] [16] [11] [2].


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