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Sarah, revisit 2

Sarah is a 23 year old woman. She comes to your office complaining of an increase in vaginal discharge.

  • You ask her if she is sexually active and she says yes.

  • You ask her whether she has sex with men, women or both and she says women only.

  • You ask her if she is in a committed relationship and she tells you that she has one partner with whom she is living.

  • You ask her how long they have been together and she says 2 years.

  • You ask her if they are monogamous and she says she is but she is having doubts about her partner.

  • You ask her why and she tells you that she thinks she has a sexually transmitted infection and that she could only have gotten it from her partner and so she thinks her partner may be cheating on her.

  • You ask her if they practice safe sex for example, using dental dams, finger cots, latex gloves, condoms on sex toys, etc. and she says no. Sarah tells you that they did when they first met, but not anymore. 


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