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Homelessness is an imminent danger!

at danger of homelessness and homelessness as a danger

  • The revised Canadian landlord and tenant law has speeded up the eviction process  and sets no limit on the rent charged to new tenants when they move into an apartment.

  • Homelessness has been growing at an alarming rate.  Youth under the age of 18 and families with children are the fastest growing group of hostel users.[11]

  • In many parts of Canada, the wait for a subsidized housing unit is several years.[2]

  • The Federal and Provincial governments have cancelled funding for building social housing.[20]

  •   70% of ’street youth’ report leaving home because of abuse (physical and/or sexual).[21]

  • The Canadian Public Health Association recognizes that  "adequate shelter is a prerequisite for health" and that "homelessness is a health issue".[21]


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