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John is a 13 year-old boy who has recently moved to a new neighborhood. Three months ago John’s father was laid off from work shortly after his mother became pregnant with their third child. Having to depend on social assistance, John’s family was forced to move from their home in a middle class neighborhood to a neighborhood with more affordable housing and a high concentration of low-income families. John can no longer attend his previous school and has lost contact with all of his friends. His parents can no longer afford to send him to hockey and guitar lessons. He has found adjustment in his new school difficult, his grades have been slipping and he feels as though he can’t concentrate in his classes. He is no longer attending school on a regular basis. The financial hardship faced by the family, has caused increased stress on John’s parents leading to tension and frequent arguments in the home. Sometimes these arguments escalate and become directed towards John and his 10 year old sister.


How has John’s life been adversely affected by poverty?