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Approaches to Learning

A study of Canadian medical students found that males and females had different approaches to learning. The students’ effort scores, monitoring of their understanding, and organization of studying varied by gender [1].




 approach to studying



 areas of confidence

 listening skills, ability to be compassionate, motivational skills [2]

 leadership abilities, confidence, tolerance of uncertainty [2]

Medical graduates also feel they have certain personal characteristics which were found to vary by gender [2].

1.Are these differences related to biology (sex) or social and cultural factors (gender)?
2.Does the medical curriculum recognize a variety of personal attributes, learning styles and personality types?
3.How could schools be better at this?


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2. G.B. Clack, and J.O. Head. Gender differences in medical graduates' assessment of their personal attributes. Medical Education 1999;33: 101-105.

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