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Medical Student Experience

The following is an experience of a medical student in Ontario in 2004:

"I was recently spending clinical time in the practice of a local family physician. It was the end of a very busy day and we were at the hospital doing rounds of his in-patients. I shadowed the physician on his rounds and we visited an elderly man who was to be discharged the following day. The physician reviewed all that needed to be done before being discharged with the patient. This included removing his Foley catheter. The physician let the patient know that he would ask a nurse to remove the catheter. As we were leaving the bedside to speak to the nurse, the man asked me "And you’re the nurse who’s going to remove the catheter?" The physician and I were wearing identical scrubs, we both had stethoscopes around our necks, and I was wearing a name tag identifying me as a medical student. I was not offended by his mistake, but I wondered why he would assume that I was a nurse."

1.If you had to guess, was this medical student male or female?
2.Could there have been a gender bias surrounding mistaking this medical student for a nurse?
3.Where have your assumptions and/or biases come from?