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Background Information




This module is about you, medicine and you in medicine.

Medical education is the process of acquiring the knowledge, skills and behaviours necessary to work as a physician. We move from student to practicing professional and undergo a process of socialization and enculturation. Much of what we learn is part of the curriculum but some of it is part of the ’hidden curriculum’ - that which we learn by example and from unspoken lessons. This process of becoming a physician is not often discussed and is rarely made explicit; this leaves open the possibility of having experiences and acquiring attitudes that are unintended or inconsistent with the stated goals of the profession.

We cannot look at gender as a determinant of health without also thinking about the effect of gender for the students and providers of health care. In this module we will explore your experience of the formal curriculum and the unspoken lessons of the hidden curriculum, we examine gender in medical education and how it shapes the experiences of male and female students.


In this module we will focus on you as an individual and a medical student:

  • Who are you as a person ?

  • What is your personality type ?

  • How do you learn ? What is your learning style ?

  • Might you be suited to a certain area of medicine more than others ?


We will also look at medicine as a profession, and explore the following questions:

  • What is professionalism ?

  • What are professional behaviours ?

  • What are the societal and regulatory expectations of us as professionals ?

  • What are healthy boundaries and how can we maintain them ?

  • Are there biases in medical education that ’stream’ people into certain career choices ?