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Healthy Boundaries Take Effort -

  • Be familiar with professional boundaries and respect them.

  • Know the CPSO policy on mandatory reporting.

  • Know the CPSO policy on physician-patient dating.

  • Know the CPSO policy on postgraduate education.

  • Make opportunities to discuss the implications of these policies on your training and on clinical practice.

  • Model and reinforce professional behaviours in your training experiences and reflect on breaches of professionalism in constructive ways.

  • Be ready to continue this discussion throughout training.[1]

For more on boundaries consult The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario website, and a special article from the fall of 2004 that focuses on maintaining boundaries and includes a 27 question self-assessment tool.

Are your boundaries healthier now?


How do you define professional boundaries?


List 5 ways to avoid complaints of sexual abuse. (The CPSO lists 16)


List all 8 of the events that require mandatory reporting.


1. Content for this section was provided by Dr. Janet Dollin, Office of Gender and Equity Issues, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa

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