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Follow-Up Questions


After carefully reading this case, what gender issues can you identify?


Do you consider these to be important issues in providing optimal care for the patient?


What contributes to the misconception that it is mostly men who get lung cancer?


Do physicians also share this misperception? What do you think can be done to avoid this gender bias in clinical practice?


Sarah's physician never talked to her about the negative effects of smoking. Can you think of why this may be?


Do you think Sarah's physician would have counselled her about smoking cessation more readily if she was a man? Why?


Consider the impact the diagnosis of lung cancer has on Sarah's life. How would this be different if the patient was a male?


If Sarah was a man, do you think the physician would have sent her for a chest x-ray initially?


Identify the negative consequences of smoking cessation that make it difficult for women like Sarah to quit. Do you think they are the same for men?


Do you think Sarah would have been given different options to help her battle her nicotine addiction/withdrawal if she were male?


Think about the psychosocial issues that surround a diagnosis of lung cancer and how these differ among men and women.