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Gender Lens Rounds

Women’s College Hospital, affiliated with University of Toronto, holds Gender Lens Rounds monthly. These rounds are available here:[1]




Originally Presented




Cardiac Rehabilitation for Women and the Results of the Healthy Weight Programme

J. Price, D Rolfe and S. Sharma

December 10, 2008

56 minutes

Smoking and Screening: Moving into the 21st century

Dr. Anna Day

September 10, 2008

57 minutes

The Impact of Gender on Diabetes Prevalence and Cardiovascular Outcomes: Biology or bias?

Dr. Lorraine Lipscombe

April 16, 2008

59 minutes

Gender Differences in Rates of Total Joint Replacement Surgery: Bias or preferences?


Dr. Gillian Hawker

November 21, 2007


62 minutes

Bones...strong enough for a man? Truths and Myths about Male Osteoporosis

Dr. Sophie Jama

October 10, 2007

58 minutes



Gender, Sleep and Breathing: What Changes With Menopause?

Dr. Anu Tandon 

September 12, 2007


61 minutes 


Congestive Heart Failure

Dr. Nahid Azad

May 9, 2007

59 minutes


Contraception: It’s all about sex and gender

Dr. Sheila Dunn

April 11, 2007

62 minutes


Allergic Diseases - gender or no gender

Dr. Eric Leith

March 14, 2007


60 minutes

Migraine – Hildegard and Beyond: the relationship of headache to gender in a historical and physiological context.

Dr. Marek Gawel

February 14, 2007

55 minutes


Can Women Solve the “Manpower” Crisis in Rheumatology?

Dr. Dana Jerome

January 10, 2007

63 minutes


Why Men Never Remember and Women Never Forget

Dr. Gillian Einstein

December 13, 2006

56 minutes


Gender Differences in Sleep...More to Sleep on

Dr. Magdie Kohn

November 8, 2006

56 minutes

COPD: You’ve come a long way

Dr. Libby Groff

October 11, 2006

COPD rounds


After watching the rounds think about ways you could have Gender Lens Rounds as a part of the educational programme at your site.



  • use the gender lens tool

  • think of an area of medicine where you think there might be gender differences, use the gender lens tool and present your findings to your colleagues

  • your area inquiry can can be focused or broad

  • think of questions and set out to answer them, identify next steps and share your findings

  • invite people who may not be aware of the power of the gender lens

  • think outside the box - be creative

  • have fun!

Send us your gender lens rounds and we’ll post the information here. 

For more information about Gender Lens Rounds contact Dr. Anna Day (



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