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The Gender Lens Tool

The Gender Lens Tool can be used to identify gaps and differences in health information from a gender perspective.

By using a Gender Lens we can examine any area of the medical literature with gender in mind.

The Gender Lens Tool was developed by Dr. Anna Day at the University of Toronto and the information contained in the Gender Lens module is based on her work and used with permission.

Incidence and prevalence, diagnosis, risk factors, treatment efficacy, and disease progression are all influenced by gender.  Like using a pair of glasses to correct our vision, the Gender Lens Tool helps focus our attention on gender differences and identify aspects of medical care and disease that require further research.

The Gender Lens Tool provides a health based framework to consider how the following spheres contribute to an individual’s gender:

  • biology

  • social structure

  • education

  •  economic factors

The Gender Lens Tool helps us close gaps in medical knowledge to improve health outcomes at the population level. Become familiar with The Gender Lens Tool  and apply it to other problems in medicine and health care - begin to practice from a perspective informed by an understnading of gender and health !