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Of any clinical scenario ask:

  1. Are the risk factors / symptoms / findings / etiology of a particular disease the same for women and men?

  2. Are there differences in the appropriate investigation of particular findings between men and women? (e.g. headache, abdominal pain, chest pain, back pain)

  3. Is treatment of a disease the same for men and women? (e.g. dosage, treatment during pregnancy or lactation, timing of treatment and menstrual cycle)

  4. What are the symptoms, signs, and treatment of a particular disease when the patient is pregnant?

  5. How does a relative lack of control over one’s home or workplace impact on health, and the treatment of illness for women and for men?

  6. Do wealth and health interact differently for men and women?

  7. What are the social determinants of a particular disease? [2]


2. Tutor Guide to the Gender and Health Collaborative Curriculum written by Dr. Susan Phillips, Queen’s University and Chair of the Gender Issues Committee of the Council of Ontario Faculties of Medicine.

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