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But I have a lot to learn before clerkship, can’t this wait?

Health Canada has stated that the medical schools share a responsibility to society:

Canadian society provides medical schools and the medical profession with certain privileges and resources; these are justified only insofar as they are unambiguously placed in the service of those in need and the community of which they are a part ..... The core values of professionalism (the social contract between professional and society) are scientific expertise and altruism .... Medical schools should explicitly expound their commitment to social accountability and social responsiveness in their general orientation, including in their publicly stated mandate or mission statement. [33] 


How is your school teaching you about social accountability?


How do you plan to be responsive to social needs and expectations?


How do you think social expectations will change between now and when you enter into practice?

Look at your school for examples of social accountability initiatives[34][32][37] and find ways to become involved.


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