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The module serves as an introduction to the linkages between gender, globalization and health.

The module will:

  • provide you with background information regarding globalization (including key terms and definitions)

  • contextualize issues relevant to health care professionals

  • provide two cases to illustrate the connections between gender, globalization and health

Emphasis will be placed on understanding the intersections and consequent opportunities for health improvement from the level of individual to population.

So... what does globalization mean??

Globalization is a buzzword frequently used by the media and for most people it evokes images of:

  • easy worldwide travel

  • McDonald’s french fries available in most countries

  • the Internet

However, it’s difficult to think of an exact definition.


What does globalization mean to you?


Why is globalization important to health professionals?


Source: Health Canada website and Media Photo Gallery, Health Canada, Reproduced with the permission of the Minister of Public Works and Government Services Canada, 2006.