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Behavioural Issues

Behavioural and psychological symptoms are common in those with dementia and can impair the quality of life of the patient and caregiver.

  • 50% of those with dementia display depressive symptoms and 60-80% exhibit agitated behaviour at some point during the course of the disease [1] these issues can be very distressing for family and friends to witness and can lead to the institutionalization of the demented

  • wandering is a common behaviour in those with dementia and is related to short term memory loss and the inability to reason or to make judgments [2]

  • wandering can occur at any time of the day or night and may appear to be aimless or may be focused on pursuing a particular goal or destination [2]

  • Safely Home is a nationwide program and registry developed by the Alzheimer Society of Canada in partnership with Royal Canadian Mounted Police to help find the person who is lost and help them return home safely, for more information on this registry program and how to register follow this link.


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