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Living With Dementia

Impact of Dementia on Families

Mrs. Levi is a 95 year old female with a long history of dementia living at home with her daughter. Mrs. Levi is having a worsening in her memory, frequent crying outbursts and decreased mobility. Her daughter, Nora, is having a difficult time managing her own job and her mother. Nora has been missing work and is not sleeping at night.


What are some of the issues you can identify from reading this case history?


What community resources are available to assist Mrs. Levi and her daughter?


What options are available to Mrs. Levi and her daughter to help them in this situation?


Of the resources and options available to help families like this in your community what are the costs involved? How much would it cost for a family to provide optimal care for someone like Mrs. Levi? What happens to families who cannot afford this?