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Your Experience of Caregiving


Have you ever been a caregiver?

Were you a paid or unpaid caregiver?

How did it feel to provide care in this way?


Have you ever been the recipient of care in your adult life?

What were the circumstances?

How did it feel to receive care?


Would you rather be the recipient or provider of care?

Why do you think that is?

How has this influenced your career choice? What will it mean for you in practice?


In your family and extended circle of friends who are the care providers? Who are the care recipients?

Are the providers of care paid or unpaid?


Are the providers of care in your family male or female?

What lessons did you learn about providing care while you were growing up? Were these formally stated or taught by example?

At your next family gathering watch to see if anything has changed since you were a child.


How do you think your experience of care giving and receiving will influence your understanding and expectations of patients and their families when you are in practice? Have you ever placed expecations on someone else based on your experiences rather than theirs? What was the outcome?

How can we use an awareness of our own experiences and expectations to be more aware of the unique needs of each patient and their families?