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Prevalence of Heart Failure in Canada



Gender Specific Facts

  • Women have a unique risk factor profile and different clinical manifestations of heart failure than men 

  • Gender has been shown to be an important determinant in hospital length of stay, hospital charges, and mortality [6]

  • The five year mortality rate of CHF sufferers is 60% in men and 45% in women [3]

  • The median post diagnosis survival time is 3.2 years for men and 5.4 years for women [3]

  • African American males are 1.5 times more likely to die from CHF than white males [3]

  • Less than 15% of women survive more than 8-12 years after being diagnosed with HF [21]

  • The mean length of hospital stay is greater for women than men

  • Over the past 20 years the incidence of heart has risen 9% in women and 6% in men [4]



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