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Achieving stability in your patient

Some key aspects for defining stability in a CHF patient: [35]

  • The absence of congestion, and therefore orphopnea, and edema

  • No recent weight increases

  • Adequate cardiac output at rest

    • Systolic BP of >= 80mmHg and pulse pressure of >=25%

  • The ability to dress without stopping and to walk a city block

  • Psychologically sound - some patients, such as those with serious depression may require psychiatric consultation.


35. Grady KL, Dracup K, Kennedy G, Moser DK, Piano M, Stevenson LW, Young JB. Team Management of Patients with Heart Failure: A statemetn for healthcare professionals from the cardiovascular nursing council of the American Heart Association. Curculation 2000;102:2443-2456.

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