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The Impact of Heart Failure

Here is a list of some of the areas, and ways in which heart failure negatively impacts peoples’ lives [5]:


  • Cannot do what you want to do - forced onto disability pension, feel bored and useless

  • Some medications can make physical limitations worse

  • Prevention from attaining personal and professional goals

Role Limitations:

  • Lifestyle pattern changes

  • Unable to fulfill desired family roles

  • Advised against having children

  • Unable to spend time with family and friends because of fatigue

  • No social life, do not want to burden friends

Sense of loss:

  • Things can continue to get worse, even when patients follow treatment plans and attempt to normalize their condition

  • Loss of independence

  • Loss of freedom - for example cannot drive

  • Loss of control - for example, the feeling that your life is no longer in your hands, but in the hands of doctors or medical equipment such as implanted defibrillators


  • Fear of dying

  • Hopelessness

  • Never knowing if youâ&euro&tradell make it through the day


5. Evangelista LS, Kagawa-Singer M, Dracup K.Gender differences in health perceptions and meaning in persons living with heart failure.Heart Lung 2001;30:167 –76.

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