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Meetings and Presentations

Official Launch, spring 2006

The official launch of the Gender and Health Collaborative Curriculum was at the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada, Medical Education Conference 2006.


For more information and photos from the launch, see the related topic below.


6th Annual MERLOT International  Conference, August 2006, Ottawa

Drs. Azad and Patel presented the project, for the conference programme and a link to the presentation follow this link.

Annual General Meeting and Scientific Session Federation of Medical Women- August 2006, Moncton

Dr. Nahid Azad presented an "Information Session on Gender-Specific Medicine Curriculum"  and brought specific aspects of the Gender and Health Collaborative Curriculum to the attention of this national meeting. The full programme may be viewed here.

AFMC Special Resource Committee on Gender and Equity Issues, February 2006, Vancouver

The project was invited to participate in this national meeting of The Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada Special Resource Committee on Gender and Equity Issues and speak with representatives from across the country on "Integrating Gender and Health into Undergraduate Medical Education – the Ontario experience".  Members of the project team participated in this national meeting to raise awareness of the project, encourage partnerships with Canadian medical schools outside of Ontario and to further discussions about the Gender and Health Curriculum as a national resource.

1st World Congress Gender Specific Medicine, February 2006, Berlin, Germany

Drs. Nahid Azad and Anna Day represented the project in their work at this meeting. Dr. Day presented on Sleep Apnea and Gender: Lessons from Studying Women and Dr. Azad on Risk Factors and Gender-Specific Dementia. Dr Azad also presented a poster on the Management of Congestive Heart Failure in Older Women. A poster - Gender Sex and Sexuality - a web-based module for medical students was also contributed.

AFMC, April 2005, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The Gender and Health Collaborative Curriculum Project was active at the Canadian Medical Education Conference and AFMC meeting in Saskatchewan. As well as participating in committee meetings (Undergraduate Education, Gender and Equity and faculty Development) members of the project also presented:

  • a workshop on the Gender and Health Collaborative Curriculum Project

  • poster presentation focusing on the Gender, Sex and Sexuality module.

  • Podium presentation and poster contribution to the Open Forum on Informatics and Medical Teaching, hosted by the  AFMC Resource Group on Medical Informatics

Sixth Annual AMS-COFM Conference “Future Directions in Medical Education”, November 2004, Thunder Bay

Members of the project team Dr. Rupa Patel, Dr. Lee-Anne Facey-Crowther, Dr. Sarah Strasser and Dr. Shayna Watson participated in this provincial discussion and presented 2 workshops about the project.

Association of American Medical Colleges, November 2004, Boston

The project presented a poster about the project in a special session focusing on Women and Leadership.


Royal College Of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada/CSCI Annual Conference, October 2004, Ottawa

Drs. Anna Day and Nahid Azad presented a workshop  "Gender and health: A collaborative provincial initiative: Web-enabled curricular development".

GLMA, Moving Forward Together, the 22nd Annual Conference, October 2004, Palm Springs, USA 

The Gender, Sex and Sexuality module was presented in a workshop at the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association, Moving Forward Together, the 22nd Annual Conference, October 2004, Palm Springs, USA. Presentation, Gender and Health Collaborative Curriculum Project: Gender, Sex and Sexuality Module. Williams R, Andrews A, Mineyko A, Watson S.

Northern Ontario School of Medicine, May 2004

The Northern Ontario School of Medicine presented a symposium entitled “The Impact of Gender on Health” with guest speaker Dr. May Cohen, who used clinical examples outlined why it is essential to incorporate the concept of gender into the new curriculum for the Medical School. The symposium was live at Laurentian University and broadcast to Lakehead University.

For more information, follow this link.

Gender Aspects in Medical Education, December 2002, Hannover, Germany 

As part of a European Commission funded project to promote the incorporation of gender issues in medical education an international workshop was hosted by the "Gender Aspects in Medical Education" project .  This group based their work on the gender mainstreaming objectives of the European Commission and sought to address the integration of gender concerns into medical education. Its main aim was to demonstrate the potential value of gender studies for improving both the process and the substantive content of medical education across the European member states.

The workshop titled "The hidden sex: consciousness, contradictions and challenges in medical education" was held on December 16th, 2002 in Hannover, Germany. There were representatives from Britain, Germany, Austria, The United States of America, The European Union Office, Austria, The Netherlands and Canada. Dr. Shayna Watson presented the Gender and Health Collaborative Curriculum Project. The meeting was also attended by Dr. Susan Phillips, the Chair of GIC-COFM and member of the project executive.

 For more information about the project and workshop outline and more photos, see the related topic below.