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Using the Modules


The modules of the Gender and Health Collaborative Curriculum Project can be used together or individually. It is not necessary to take alinear path thorough a module, in fact we have included the 'did you know' and facts and images in the top left corner to tempt you away from the straight line and to encourage people to wander through a module or the collection of modules.

The modules have been written for undergraduate, pre-clinical medical students but are freely available for use.  The authors, faculty and students, all learned by working on the project so we are hesitant to be too prescriptive about an audience.

We hope that users will engage with the material, use the reflective exercises as opportunities to pause and think, to integrate new ideas and review assumptions and biases.

The portfolio feature allows students to track their own progress through a module for her/his own learning, for submission to a supervisor, as the basis for discussion or for formal submission.  We created the portfolio to show a record of engagement and not to provide summative evaluation.

We welcome and encourage feedback.  Comments on a specific page may be submitted through the 'reviewer comment' option on the left navigation bar.  More general comments, suggestions and feedback can be sent by email.