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We have tried to have a consistency between our content and our methods used.  Everyone involved in this project has demonstrated a willingness to collaborate and work together.


This project has, in many ways,  been action research.  We have sought to make change in the academic environment in an effort to improve patient care. We have tried to implement and model reflective practice. We have brought ourselves to this work and have encouraged our students to do the same.  In seeking to change medical education we have been changed. 


We have searched the literature for knowledge and have tried to contribute back to that body of knowledge.  We want to see medicine change to be more aware of the effect of gender and social context on health and we have tried to do that by developing educational materials that translate the literature into an interactive and transformational learning experience for medical students. 


As we have tried to teach, we too, were learners.  We have been challenged to reconsider what we thought we already knew, and  open our minds to new ideas and way of doing things. We have reflected on our own lives and the lives of those we serve - our patients and students – as we hope you will as you work through these modules. In this spirit of collegiality we sought to mentor medical students and collaborate with a broad group of our peers who share our interest in improving patient care and health outcomes through educational change.


In many ways with this project we set out to learn what we did not know about collaboration and at the same time show that it can be done.  There are many lessons learned and ways we might do things differently if we were to start again tomorrow, but we have produced an educational product of which we are enormously proud and have maintained this collaboration for 4 years. We have learned many things and have succeeded in what we set out to do.

We continue to seek out opportunities to collaborate and for faculty and students to work together collegially, to learn from other disciplines so that we can continue to improve the nature of the care we provide, whatever our area of medicine.