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Student Participation

Each year a new group of medical students joined the project for the summer months. In past years these students have continued their work with the project long past their initial summer-term involvement.

  • In 2002 students engaged in project definition activities and participated in a curriculum workshop hosted by the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, 2003. In subsequent years these students continued project work and oriented new students.

  • In 2003 students researched specific content areas in gender and health to contribute to the curriculum development. A report outlining research in six subject areas was produced.

  • In 2004 students worked as a group and with site coordinators at each school to organize and enhance the body of curriculum and develop web-based self-learning tools. The basic module structure was finalized.

  • In 2005 students created a module on Gender and Poverty, using the opportunity to test and perfect the process for module development established in previous years.

  • In 2006 students worked on two new modules: Gender and Heart Failure and Gender and Dementia

Summer Students 2002

  • Sadiqa Khan, Queen’s University

  • Robin Williams, Queen’s University

  • Jessica Hopkins, University of Western Ontario

Sadiqa Khan - Queen’s, Robin Williams - Queen’s, Jessica Hopkins - Western

Summer Students 2003

  • Audrey Campbell, McMaster University

  • Natasha Gakhal, University of Western Ontario

  • Alex Mineyko, Queen’s University

  • Sayeh Minoosepehr, University of Ottawa

  • Robin Williams, Queen’s University

  • Simon Yang, University of Toronto

Summer Students 2004

Leah Jutzi - UWO
  • Amy Andrews, McMaster University

  • Christina Dakhil, University of Toronto

  • Nadine Laraya, Queen’s University

  • Liane Macdonald, McMaster University

  • Amira Malakieh, Queen’s University

  • Tin Ngo-Minh, University of Ottawa

  • Barabara Perez, University of Ottawa

  • Taunya St. Pierre, University of Ottawa

  • Julie Ann Van Koughnett, University of Western Ontario

Summer Students 2005

  • Michelle Catton, University of Ottawa

  • Hedyeh Javidna, University of Ottawa

  • Leah Jutzi, University of Western Ontario

  • Brianna Wilson, McMaster University

Summer Students 2006

  • Reena Goindi, Universtiy of Ottawa

  • Andrew Geddes, University of Ottawa

AMS-Wilson Fellowship Student 

  • Yasmin Khan, Universities of Western Ontario and Toronto