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Project Team 

The curriculum has been developed through a collaboration of team members working across the province. A project team exists at each of the six medical schools in Ontario and each team has a representative from the Undergraduate Education Committee of COFM, a representative from the Gender Issues Committee of COFM, a faculty site-coordinator and one or more medical students enrolled in the school’s undergraduate program.

The project coordinator oversees development, fosters communication between team members and keeps focus on the overall project objectives. Regular teleconferences chaired by the coordinator keep the site teams in contact and web-based collaborative tools faciliate peer review and sharing of information and resources.

The project team also seeks and maintains relationships with other institutions in Canada and internationally, through sharing of resources, collaboration on the development of web-based tools, and presentations and workshops given by faculty and students involved with the project.

Members of the project team: Dr. Lee-Anne Facey-Crowther, Leah Jutzi, Dr. Cynthia Kenyon, Dr. Shayna Watson, Dr. Nahid Azad, Dr. Debbie Penava, Dr. Robin Williams, Dr. Barbara Lent, Dr. Rupa Patel, Dr. Susan Phillips, Dr. Sarah Strasser