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Project Executive 

The project coordinator, Dr. Shayna Watson, works with an executive group of representatives from GIC-COFM, UE-COFM and the COU office.

The present project executive includes:

Dr. Susan Phillips, Queen’s University and Dr. Robin Williams (summer student 2002, 2003)

Dr. Alan Neville, McMaster University, Chair UE-COFM

Dr. Susan Phillips, Queen’s University, Chair GIC-COFM

Dr. Cynthia Kenyon, University of Western Ontario

Dr. Nahid Azad, University of Ottawa

The following have also served on the project executive:

Dr. Linda Peterson, University of Ottawa

Dr. Barb Lent, University of Western Ontario

Dr. Rosie Goldstein, University of Ottawa

Dr. Janet Dollin, University of Ottawa

Dr. Rick Birtwhistle, Queen’s University


Ms Carla Gomez and Ms Marg Harrington, Council of Ontario Universities

Representatives to the executive from the Council of Ontario Universities office have included:

Ms Mary-Kay Whittaker

Ms Carla Gomez

Ms Marg Harrington

Ms Allison Weinstein