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Module activities and features

The modules contain case studies, reflective exercises, quizes, term matching games, references,  and links.

Introduction Module

- an introduction to health and gender as a determinant of health

- test your ability to tell the difference between sex and gender, think about the "Gender Commandmants"

Application Modules

  • Gender and Cardiovascular Disease

    - learn about sex and differences in cardiovascular disease, including stroke and vascular disease

  • Gender and Depression

    - includes material on medical student well-being

  • Gender and Lung Cancer

    - includes material on sex and gender differences in lung cancer

    - learn to apply a gender perspective to helping people to become ex-smokers

  • Gender and Poverty

    - includes an introduction to poverty and health as well as an exploration of gender, poverty and health

    - includes ’mini documentaries’ exploring the health effects of poverty on new Canadians, seniors and single parent families

    - learn about poverty and health across the lifecycle

  • Gender and Trauma

    - learn about the gendered history of trauma, think about how this influences present approaches to trauma

  • Gender, Sex and Sexuality

    - take the homophobia quiz

    - learn how to be more inclusive in your communication, learn how to ask questions so people feel supported to really answer them

    - test your knowledge of gender and sexuality terms

coming soon:

  • Gender and Epilepsy

  • Gender and Transplant

  • Gender and Congestive Heart Failure

  • Gender and Dementia

  • Gender and HIV/AIDS


Tool Kit

  • Gender and Medical Education

    - what is your learning style ?  will gender influence your career path ?

  • The Gender Lens

    - learn how to use The Gender Lens Tool to approach any area of medicine

coming soon:

  • Advocacy

  • Health as a Human Right

  • Gender, Globalization and Health