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This provides quick access back to the site home,  information about the project and the portfolio as well as to the two foundation modules - Introduction and Gender Lens.





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Module Map - this feature is an outline of the headings and sub-headings in the module

Activities - this feature generates a list of activities in the module.

How to Use the Modules - this feature links to this section in the ’About the Project’ module. It provides suggestions for using the modules in health professional education.

Reviewer Comment - this feature allows users to provide comments on a page in the module. It is necessary to provide an email address to submit comments.  The comments are viewed by members of the project team and can be sorted by module, email address and are marked for nature of comment, urgency and action required.

Table of Contents


The Table of Contents is self explanatory and expands to show sub-headings in each section by hovering the cursor over the section.










Students and module users can register to use the portfoilio using their name and email address, it is also possible to add a password.  This feature creates a ’record of engagement’ with the material of the modules. Responses to reflective exercises, quizzes and educational games as well as approximate ’time on task’ are all included in the portfolio summary.

The portfolio can be used by educators as a starting point for discussion or provide a record of engagement with the material for credit or recognition  from the medical school.  This feature provides formal documentation that will be of use to educators and will make the site more appealing for integration as a formal element in the curriculum.


Did You Know...



The information included here is pulled from the module and is meant to encourage a non-linear path through the module and to invite people to explore an area of the module they might not have seen.






Users of the modules can search individual modules or all modules using this tool.




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The images in the top left corner of the page functions in the same way for the site as a whole as the "Did you Know..." functions for individual modules - they invite users to different parts of the resource and encourage exploration of the whole site.  The images are from the various modules.