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How to Use the Modules

The series of modules can be used sequentially to develop an understanding of gender and health and how to apply this perspective to clinical practice.


These modules can also stand alone as a a reference for or component of a school’s curriculum. For example, a school might link to this resource from the PBL portion of their online curriculum or use a portion of a module in a lecture. In such a case the student may come to our resource for a specific module but would be welcome to explore further through links or to come back at another time.


The portfolio option is intented to allow students to work on the modules independently and create a record of engagement with the material for personal use or submission for formal academic credit.  By using the portfolio students can access the modules as an independent learnign project or horizontal elective with local supervision.

The modules are constructed to promote cognitive and behavioural change. There is some transmission of information but the primary goal of this work is to challenge students to think about health from a new perspective and to apply these ideas in their practice as medical students and physicians. Students will be challenged to question traditional research and the limitations of present tools to understand gender and the other social determinants of health.

The modules are interactive resources and in addition to content include case studies, self-reflection and self-evaluation activites, clinical applications, references and games built to reveal and develop new perspectives on gender and health.