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Key objectives for project content:

  • Present gender issues through a series of accessible web modules and shareable knowledge objects.

  • Develop content on a foundation of gender inclusive evidence.

  • Challenge students to understand gender as a social determinant of health and an equity issue.

  • Promote cognitive and behavioural change through an interactive experience.

  • Produce a set of lessons learned, strategies and tools for collaboration in the development of curriculum.

The project aims to develop modules that cover an introduction to gender and health, application modules that cover the role of gender in specific domains of medicine, and a collection of tools for evaluating and applying the gender and health concepts presented.

Introduction Module - The goal of the introduction module is to teach students to understand the difference between gender and health, become familiar with the language and concepts necessary to apply a gender perspective to common health care problems, understand gender as a social determinant of health and understand that a gender perspective can deepen our understanding of health and health care.

Application Modules - The goal of the application modules is to allow students to apply concepts of gender and health to common medical problems and provide examples of how to apply a gender perspective to a specific area of medicine.

  • Gender and Cardiovascular Disease

  • Gender and Depression

  • Gender and Lung Cancer

  • Gender and Poverty

  • Gender and Trauma

  • Gender, Sex and Sexuality

  • Gender and Dementia

  • Gender, Globalization and Health

Tool Kit - The goal of the tool kit is to help students to make the step from cognitive change to behavioural change, and help students understand how they can practice from a gender and health perspective.

  • Gender and Medical Education

  • The Gender Lens

  • The Gender and Health Module Authoring Tool