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Project background

This module will review aspects of the project and provide information about the modules and ideas for their use.

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The Project - a review of aspects of the project background and development, an overview of the goals, history, structure, organization and collaborators of the Gender and Health Collaborative Curriculum Project

Description of Modules -  a brief description of the modules in the curriculum,  suggestions on how to use the modules, a review of site features and module authorship

Teaching Gender - ideas on how to integrate a gender perspective into the teaching you already do and suggestions for using the modules



Now that the project is at this point we can look back and see a clear path from the early discussions about collaboration between the Ontario medical schools to this resource.  That path was not at all clear when we embarked on this journey.

Before this project:

  • the medical schools in Ontario had never collaborated on curriculum development

  • educational technology was that much newer and more novel than it is now - eCOFM was born during this project

  • we did not have a clear and consistent understanding of what gender and health really was

  • NOSM had not yet opened its doors to students

We have been able to make this project happen because of the foresight and commitment of the Ontario Medical School Deans, UE-COFM, the generosity of the Ontario Women’s Health Council and the consistent work of GIC-COFM.