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First Retreat, October 2002, Toronto

October 7, 2002

Dear Colleague:

Thank you for participating in the gender curriculum consultation meeting of the Undergraduate Education and Gender Issues Committees of COFM. 

The enclosed document was written by May Cohen and is the introduction to the new Training Manual for Gender Mainstreaming in Health that has recently been published by the Medical Women’s International Association (MWIA). This curriculum is an international effort with leadership from May Cohen and Shelley Ross, a physician in BC and current president of MWIA. This reading provides a comprehensive review of the language and concepts we will be using to discuss gender and health and the development of an education resource for the medical schools of Ontario.

Over the day we will hear updates on the project and will have the opportunity to review some examples of gender and health curricula.  We will be asking you to think about how you can implement and integrate gender and health curriculm at your school, what your school will need to do this work and how phase two of this project can assist you.

The meeting will be from 10:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. at The Estates of Sunnybrook, Coach House.  Lunch will be provided.  Please communicate any special dietary needs or other requests to Carla Gomez at 416-979-2165 x 230 or as soon as possible.

We look forward to meeting together,

Barbara Lent            Cynthia Kenyon        Shayna Watson

GIC:COFM            UE: COFM            Coordinator Phase 1


Undergraduate Education/Gender Issues Committees COFM Retreat

Thursday October 17, 2002

10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The Estates of Sunnybrook

Coach House

2075 Bayview Ave.

Toronto, Ontario M4N 3M5


10:30       Welcome                             Barbara Lent

10:45        Project goals, emerging themes                 Shayna Watson

        and other initiatives                       

11:00        Gender and Health, an international perspective,         May Cohen

        the MWIA curriculum example

11:20        Summer Student reports                    Robin Williams

                                        Sadiqa Khan

                                        Jessica Hopkins

11:40        Creating the climate for change                Cynthia Kenyon

12:00        LUNCH

13:00        Introduction to afternoon                    Shayna Watson

13:15        Small group work, specific gender

and health curriculum examples

14:30        BREAK

15:00        Plenary session, commitments to implementation,

planning for phase two

16:45        Closure and thanks                        Barbara Lent

GIC/UE: COFM Retreat

October 17, 2002

10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The Estates of Sunnybrook

McLean House – Coach House

2075 Bayview Avenue

Toronto, Ontario M4N 3M5


GIC:COFM                        Summer Students:

Ms. Margaret Shkimba, McMaster            Ms. Robin Williams, Queen’s

Dr. Janet Dollin, Ottawa                 Ms. Sadiqa Khan, Queen’s

Dr. Rosie Goldstein, Ottawa                 Ms. Jessica Hopkins, Western

Dr. Nahid Azad, Ottawa

Dr. Susan Phillips, (Chair) Queens

Dr. Joyce Nyhof-Young, Toronto

Dr. Barbara Lent, Western

Dr. Francis Chan, Western

Dr. May Cohen


Dr. Alan Neville, McMaster

Dr. Cynthia Kenyon, Western

Dr. Linda Peterson, Ottawa

Dr. Rick Birtwhistle, (Chair) Queen’s

Dr. Bill McCready, NOMP

Dr. Jay Rosenfield, Toronto

Dr. Anna Jarvis, Toronto

Dr. Shayna Watson

Dr. Sarah Strasser

Ms. Marg Harrington, COU


Dr. Allyn Walsh, McMaster                Dr. Angela Cheung, Toronto

Dr. Wendy Pentland, Queen’s            Dr. Sandra Donnelly, Toronto

Dr. Donna Stewarit, Toronto                 Dr. Ron Wigle, Queen’s

Dr. Beverly Richardson, Toronto

Dr.  Patricia Brubaker, Toronto

Dr. Roger Strasser

Dr. Tom Chrichton

Dr. Rick Frecker, Toronto

Ms. Mary-Kay Whittaker, COU