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Gender in Medical Education Retreat, January 2004


January 23, 2004

9:00 am to 3:00 pm


The Estates of Sunnybrook

2075 Bayview Ave.

Toronto, Ontario

McLean House-Conservatory Room




9:00 am    Welcome and introductions - Dr. Cynthia Kenyon

9:30 am    Project update - Dr. Shayna Watson

9:45 am    Putting gender and health on the agenda - Dr. May Cohen

10:00 am    Student presentations - Summer Students 2004


10:45     Break    

11:00 am    Small group work: Barriers to institutional change

11:30 am    Ontario Women’s Health Council - Chairs in Women’s Health

 - Dr. Carol Amaratunga, Dr. Arlene Bierman, Dr. Beverly Leipert


12:00 pm    Lunch

1:00 pm    A Dean’s perspective on institutional change - Dr. Carol Herbert, Western

1:30 pm    Group work - Planning for change 


2:15 pm    Summary of group work and closure - Dr. Shayna Watson

3:00    Adjournment   


Retreat Participants


Dr. Shayna Watson, Project Coordinator, University of Ottawa

Dr. Jay Rosenfield, University of Toronto

Dr. Ros Woodhouse, Queen’s University

Dr. Anna Jarvis, University of Toronto

Ms. Susan Scarrow, University of Western Ontario

Dr. Yasmin Khan, University of Toronto

Ms. Margaret Shkimba, McMaster


Dr. Rick Birtwhistle, Queen’s University

Dr. Rick Frecker, University of Toronto

Dr. Linda Peterson, University of Ottawa

Dr. Cynthia Kenyon, University of Western Ontario

Dr. David Holland, Queen’s University

Dr. Bill McCready, Lakehead, Chair NOC:COFM



Dr. Susan Phillips, Queen’s University

Dr. May Cohen, Professor Emeritus, McMaster University

Dr. Priya Khanna, PAIRO

Dr. Francis Chan, University of Western Ontario

Dr. Janet Dollin, University of Ottawa

Dr. Joyce Nyhof-Young, University of Toronto


Site Coordinators:

Dr. Deborah Peneva, University of Western Ontario

Dr. Anna Day, University of Toronto

Dr. Rupa Patel, Satish Patel, Queen’s University

Dr. Lee-Anne Facey-Crowther, McMaster University

Dr. Nahid Azad, University of Ottawa

Dr. Sarah Strasser, Northern Ontario School of Medicine


Summer Students:

Ms.Natasha Gakhal

Ms. Sayeh Minoosepehr

Ms. Audrey Campbell

Ms. Aleks Mineykp

Ms. Jessica Hopkins

Ms. Robin Williams

Mr. Simon Yang


Ontario Women’s Health Council Research Chairs:

Dr. Beverly Leipert, Chair Rural Women’s Health Research, University of Western Ontario

Dr. Carol AmaratungaChair Women’s Health Research, University of Ottawa

Dr. Arlene Bierman, Chair Women’s Health Research, University of Toronto


COFM Deans:

Dr. Carol Herbert, Univeristy of Western Ontario



Ms. Mary-Kay Whittaker

Ms. Marg Harrington

Ms. Allison Weinstein



Dr. Alan Neville, McMaster University    

Dr. Beverley Richardson, University of Toronto  

Dr. Peter Walker, University of Ottawa  

Dr. David Walker, Queen’s University

Dr. David Naylor, University of Toronto   

Dr. Wendy Pentland, Queen’s University

Dr. Sandra Donnelly, University of Toronto       

Dr. Rosie Goldstein, University of Ottawa

Dr. John Kelton, McMaster University

Dr. Allyn Walsh, McMaster University     

Dr. Angela Cheung, University of Toronto


Dr. Arelene Bierman, University of Toronto and Dean Carol Herbert, University of Western Ontario
Dr. Arelene Bierman - UofT, Dr. Carol Herbert - UWO, Dr. Carol Amaratunga - University of Ottawa
Audrey Campbell - student McMaster University, Dr. Francis Chan - GIC-COFM and UWO
Dr. Anna Jarvis - UofT, Audrey Campbell - McMaster, Dr. Francis Chan - UWO
Aleks Mineyko - student Queen’s University, Natasha Gakhal - Student UWO
Drs. Allyn Walsh and May Cohen, McMaster University
Dr. Bill McCready, Northern Ontario Family Medicine
Dr. Lee-Anne Facey-Crowther, McMaster University
Drs. David Holland -Queen's, Joyce Nyhof-Young - U of T
Drs. Joyce Nyhof-Young and Anna Jarvis - U of T
Dr. Lee-Anne Facey-Crowther - McMaster
Dr. May Cohen Professor Emeritus McMaster University
Ms Mary-Kay Whittaker - COU, Dr. Debbie Penava - UWO
Drs. Rick Birtwhistle - Queen’s and Anna Day - Toronto
Dr. Susan Phillips - Queen's University and GIC-COFM
Satish and Dr. Rupa Patel - Queen's University
Susan Scarrow - student UWO
Drs. Bev Liepert - UWO and Bill McCready - NOFM